Welcome to Toplock Locksmiths in Manchester – 0161 870 9158

Here at Toplock Locksmith in Manchester, we are here to help you with the best service that you can get in the locksmith area at the best prices out there. We have a 24 hour service for you, so when the emergency happens you can call us to come out in the Manchester area.

If you need a lock changed, if you need a fitting, if you are locked out, or if you just want to check in on your security and the state of it, we will help you.

We have our vans fully stocked, so that means that not only are we going to get to you quickly – within 30 minutes- but we are also going to be able to finish the job the first time 99% of the time.

Our prices are fixed, that means that we aren’t going to give you a heart attack with a big surprise at the end. When you call, you talk to a locksmith, so they will be able to give you the best advice out there to fix any security issues.

We also aren’t a call centre, so that means that you are talking directly to someone that can help you and that will keep your overhead low. We don’t even charge to come out and see you, and we will always ONLY charge for the time that we are on location.

If you need assistance about a product or a service, call us and we’ll give you free advice and will provide you with a free quote. Call 0161 870 9158